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Mustang Division

Mustang baseball (9-10U) provides a fun, competitive baseball experience for committed players and their families. Teams generally play one weekday (Tuesday or Thursday) and one weekend game each week, about 16 games in total. Teams may also also practice least once a week. The season ends with a week-long tournament involving all of the teams to determine the league championship. 

Field size and rules are appropriate to players this age. Six-inning games are played at the Forest Crest field on a diamond with 60-foot base paths and a 46-foot pitching distance. Mustang baseball is played according to modified baseball rules. Runners are allowed to lead off from 1st and 2nd but not 3rd. Infield fly and dropped third strike are used.  Stealing and bunting are allowed. All players on a team participate fully: The batting order consists of all players in attendance.  Players must play at least 3 innings each game. All players should play in the infield and in the outfield every game 

Each team has about twelve players. An experienced coach and assistant coach lead each team. We ask parents to take a strong role in helping out with critical support activities, from organizing carpools to scoring games.

Teams are selected through a draft conducted at the beginning of the season. We have found that this process creates a sense of community among all of the players and coaches in the league and provides for balanced competition. All players will attend a skills assessment to allow the coaches to evaluate their ability and experience. 

Team selection will be made by the coaches and team assignments are announced by the end of February. The skills assessments are not tryouts: Every registered child will be placed on a team.