MTYAA PONY Baseball, Youth Baseball Organization, Affiliate of PONY Baseball

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MTYAA Baseball provides baseball for ages 5-14 (older divisions available based on team/player interest).  The breakdown is as follows:

Division Ages Description Pitching/Diamonds Price
Shetland 4-6 T-Ball no pitching/50' TBD
Pinto 7-8 Introduction to baseball with coach pitch 38'/50' TBD
Mustang 9-10 All kid pitch with stealing from 1st and 2nd 46'/60' TBD
Bronco 11-12 Full baseball rules, lead offs, dropped 3rd strikes 50'/70' TBD
Pony-Olympic 13-14 Elite level baseball 54'/80' TBD
Pony-Cascade 13-14 Rec Level baseball 54'/80 TBD