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by MTYAA Baseball posted 03/27/2021

2021 MTYAA Baseball COVID-19 Return to Play 


These standards for MTYAA Baseball were created based on the Washington State COVID-19 Sporting Activity Guidelines and the Washington Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) Return-to-Play guidelines for baseball.

Spectator / Capacity Guidelines 


• A maximum of 150 people per baseball field, which includes athletes, coaches, officials and spectators 

• School districts and municipalities may have different spectator and capacity requirements. Those requirements would take precedence over any of the MTYAA Baseball recommended protocol.

• All spectators of different households are to remain physically distant, 6 feet or more, as much as possible 

• All families in the organization must be informed of these policies prior to any contests or games. Coaches should be aware of the guidelines and are encouraged to monitor spectators to ensure that policies are being followed


Pre-Game or Practice Requirements

• Athletes, coaches, umpires/referees, spectators and any other paid or volunteer staff are required to stay home if they feel unwell, show any signs of COVID-19 (fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, etc.), or are a close contact of a confirmed case

 • Players and coaches may not enter the playfield until the start of the field reservation time, and no equipment can be brought to the field until the start of the reservation. Players and coaches can wait in the designated waiting areas (outfield fence line, away from the dugouts)

• Each team is responsible for cleaning high touch surfaces and disinfecting shared equipment. The league will make sanitizing wipes available. These will be located in the job box at the Shetland field at Forest Crest, the snack shack at Forest Crest, the shed at Forest Crest, and the Field house at E3. Due to frequent travel, Pony coaches should keep wipes with equipment. Coaches should notify the league when wipes are low.


• Umpires are responsible for completing their own health check and tracking games/teams they umpire.


• Hand sanitizer must be available for all practices and games - this is the responsibility of each player/family. Players and coaches must wash and/or sanitize their hands upon arrival. It is recommended that older players (Mustang and up)  bring their own sanitizer. Parents of younger division players should help facilitate frequent use of hand sanitizer.  


 • All teams are required to keep attendance records of every athlete and coach present at each practice, training session, and game to assist with contact tracing in the event of a possible exposure. Attendance rosters must be kept for 28 days after the practice or contest. Coaches should keep their own records using the method of their choosing. Team attendance tracking apps such as Teamsnap or Gamechanger are recommended but not required.


• The policing of the guidelines and physical distancing is the responsibility of each team’s coaching staff, not the game officials (Umpires). It is recommended each coach assign a parent volunteer to help with the management of these requirements being followed so that the coaches may focus on coaching.


COVID-19 Return to Play - Player Gathering / Celebrations 


• Masks must be worn at all times by players, coaches & umpires 


• Teams are encouraged to limit physical contact and avoid large group celebrations (walk offs, home runs, etc.)


 • Team huddles and pre/post-game meetings should be physically distanced (maintain 6 feet) 


Umpire / Coach / Player Interactions 


• Physical distancing must be maintained during any discussion/clarification with umpires 


• Umpires may remove their facial coverings if officiating requires them to run in the field of play 




 • No post-game handshakes - alternate ways to acknowledge your opponent (hat tip, etc.) 


• Each team is responsible for cleaning high touch surfaces and disinfecting shared equipment 


• All players and umpires must vacate the field within 15 minutes of the end of the game. 


• If another game follows at the same site, exit the facility quickly 


• New teams must wait until all players have exited to enter playing field area or dugout 




• Players not allowed to “go to their mouth” to improve grip on the ball 


• All players required to provide their own clearly marked water/Gatorade bottles 


• Sharing of equipment is highly discouraged - bats, gloves, catcher’s gear, etc. Each player should have their own batting helmet and glove. Coaches should elect their “Catcher for the day” to avoid sharing Catcher’s gear, unless additional Catcher’s can provide their own gear. The league will relax catcher inning limits for the 2021 season, however coaches are encouraged to use their best judgment regarding throwing volume. Catchers or parents should help to sanitize league catcher’s gear after each day's use. 


• It is highly recommended that players provide their own bat. There will be no sharing of personal bats. If a league bat is used, it should be sanitized after use.