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VOLUNTEER SIGN UP as of 5/31 3pm

Game Schedule and Volunteer Sign Up List:

Note, please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to game start time

Snack shack: Grab a key, open the 'snack shack' window, watch the game from there while selling candy and snacks, lock up. Super easy to do! Great for families with a littler sib in tow that might want to help! Feel free to have a teen sib, grandpa, grandma, neighbor... Any 'body' will do!

Umpire: Not as scary as it sounds. Stand behing the catcher, count the number of outs and scored points per inning (we do 3 outs or 5 runs each inning to keep it going). Help keep track of strikes, but with coach pitch it's not really rigid. We all sort of pitch in for this, but we have found a teenager or former/current Pony player works great! Anyone, though, is capable of this task. I promise, there's no pressure, just a great view of the game!

Team Snack: Bring some kind of snack for the team for after the game. Capri suns, an apple, a rice crispie. TA DA! But really, whatever you have on hand is great! We DO HAVE a peanut allergy on our team. Please reach out if your kiddo also has a dietary restriction.

I will update this as I get sign ups. Message me with your child's name and the date of the game, plus which task you can cover. Please check back to see if you are out listed for the dates you requested. In the event multiple people ask for the same date, I will flip a coin or add the family without other sign up dates available. Thank you! - Coach Steen

4/14 (Th) 5:30pm: Umpire AUSTIN Team Snack CALVIN 

4/16 (Sat) 12:30: Snack Shack TUCKER Team Snack AUSTIN

4/21 (Th) 5:30pm: Umpire CALVIN  Team Snack ANNABELLE 

4/23 (Sat) 10am: Snack Shack PARKER Team Snack QUINN

4/28 (Th) 5:30pm: UmpireAUSTIN___ Team Snack IZZY

4/30 (Sat) 10am: Team Snack PARKER (North Seattle Game at Dahl Field)

5/3 (Tu) 5:30pm: Umpire and Team Snack NOLAN

5/7 (Sat) 12:30: Snack Shack QUINN Team Snack TUCKER

5/12 (Th) 5:30pm: Umpire________ Team Snack PARKER

5/14 (Sat) 12:30: Umpire________  Snack Shack and Team Snack LUCAS

5/17 (Tu) 5:30pm: Umpire________ Team SnackCLOVER

5/21 (Sat) 12:30: Umpire________ Team Snack VINCENT

5/24 (Tu) 5:30: Snack Shack NOLAN Team Snack ANISTEN_

5/31 (Tu) 5:30pm: Umpire________ Team SnackCALVIN_

6/4 (Sat) 10am: Umpire________ Team SnackPARKER

6/7 (Tu) 5:30pm: Umpire________ Team Snack IZZY

6/11 (Sat) 10am: Snack ShackQUINN Team SnackAUSTIN__

6/14 - 6/18 PLAYOFFS (TBD)


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